Welcome dear friends! We want to draw your attention to our file hosting. More than three years have passed since the opening day, we did not get much popularity, we did not strive for this, but we proved that we can be reliable and permanent. Our webmasters who responded to test the service all this time remained with us and were generously rewarded for their trust. The file-sharing business was and remains not easy in terms of organizing key points, such as the safety of content and money. Therefore, our main task is to ensure the safe storage and transmission of data. Disk space within Daofile – is an individual and untouchable space of our users. We also feel a great responsibility for the money earned by our partners,

We do not give out data about our customers and partners under any pretext!
We consider safety and reliability the key to success. We look forward to a long cooperation!
Sincerely, Your

The percentage of sites and refs is considered. + 10% was added to webmasters with a good monthly turnover. We don’t need anyone to peck. We offer conditions – the webmaster decides. I think that with instant payments it’s not scary to protest

PS Payments on demand within 24 hours on webmoney / Paypal / Bitcoin

  • Tariffs from 65% on sales and rebates, from 5% site, 5% referral;
  • We provide places as needed;
  • Premium to all partners by default.
  • No hold time on sales
  • No minimum payout
  • Payments several days a week
  • No signs of shaving, getting more sales per downloads than average
  • Few customization options (free download size limit etc.)
  • Few payment options