Premium Account


There’s a reason is getting pretty popular despite that it’s fairly new in the world of cloud storage service provider. For one, it was introduced to provide ease of use and access. It doesn’t matter wherever you are, with, you’ll be able to upload backup and store massive amounts of data without any problem at all. Basically, it works in a way where indexes are exchanged through the web on random separation, and it also secures better dealings to ensure optimum privacy.

Just like what the name suggests, is an online storage for documents where users could upload, store, and share important files with others. Getting a Daofile premium account is highly advisable because it offers a number of benefits that you don’t simply get from a free account.

Benefits of Getting a Premium Account

daofile premium benefits
  • No need to download one-by-one. Instead, you’ll have the privilege of unlimited parallel downloads– perfect for business owners or anyone who has to upload a lot of files all at once.
  • As you upgrade or sign up for a premium account, you’ll be able to start downloading right away. No need to worry about suspensions that you often encounter with a free account. How convenient can that be?
  • For each and every download made using a premium Daofile package, you can finally bid goodbye to captcha as this won’t be required anymore. There are also a lot of reviews praising the package.
  • There’s an extra extension backup space that you can use. This includes backup space reservation, together with the display of the space and usage.
  • With a premium account, all it takes is just one click to start with the download process. This would save you a lot of time and effort.
  • It doesn’t matter what index you need, rest assured that it can easily be done without any interruption.
  • Hot linking is possible. This can be embedded directly or provided for download. Best of all, the download traffic would go down.
  • File management is well organized as the user can easily search, sort, move, delete, rename and copy files or folders.
  • Clients could enjoy up to 50 GB of uploading as compared to the 500 MB that’s being offered by a standard package.
  • Not only will you be able to ensure safe and secured download, the unlimited storage space will allow you to store huge amounts of data.
  • You can access your account wherever you are; as long as you have an Internet connection.
  • Enjoy full speed download without limits
  • Parallel downloads without any forms of restrictions
  • No advertisement
  • No captcha
  • No waiting period


daofile pricing
  • As compared to other hosting companies, we can say that offers cheaper solutions that allow a lot of experts to enjoy more than what they paid for.
  • As you invest your money in a premium account, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits right away. Not only is the premium package perfect for personal use, it’s also ideal for storing business records.
  • Monthly plan starts at 19.95 USD.
  • A 3-month plan only costs 39.95 USD, or 0.44 USD a day.
  • There’s a 12-month plan that’s 89 USD or 0.22 USD a day.
  • A 999-day plan for 129.95 USD or 0.13 USD a day.
  • Experts highly suggest uploading to a premium account for you to enjoy what really has to offer. As compared to other file host system, is way better as it’s the more improved version of them.
  • It’s also worth noting that depending on an affiliate site, clients could choose from a list of available payment methods. That’s why it’s important to fully understand what you’re getting into before you completely sign in for an account.

Final Words is a file hosting service online that you can trust. They offer a wonderful file storage solution, be it a free account, or a premium account. Also, if you’re a guest user, there won’t be any available space for file storage. However, if you’re a free or Daofile premium user, you’ll get storage for all your important files.

Lastly, aside from file storing, you can also download music, movies, gapes, app, and many more!